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About Salzman International


The History of Salzman International

The company was founded shortly after World War II by Herbert A. Salzman, when he returned from the War and went into the meatpacking business with his father. Salzman wasn’t fond of the work and opened his own business, then called Centennial Corp., to process animal glands to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. He enjoyed the work more, because the products helped men and women live normal lives.

By the 1970s, the company was one of the world's leading providers of Porcine and Bovine Pancreas Glands to manufacturers of insulin to control diabetes. Our company has continued to earn a highly respected status with suppliers and customers alike; companies appreciate our history of service, integrity and reliability.

The company has grown to address the needs of it's customers and meet the demand for our growing range of products. The company is still family owned and operates according to the demanding standards established by our founder.

Our customers have come to depend on us to serve as a vital part of their team, trusting our ability to fill the need for new products developed in a strictly controlled environment according to exacting standards.